Remote Control

We have built a variety of different remote control effects for a variety of stage applications. In addition to the examples below remote control is a key element in several other projects. The horse from Kicking a Dead Horse fell into its grave via remote controlled mechanical actuators. The blood effects in Bengal Tiger are all operated via remote control. 

I designed and built this remote controlled vacuum cleaner with the prop students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last year on an Artist in Residency. It was for a production of No No Nanette in which it danced with one of the actors while a technician remotely puppeteered it from the wings.

This remote controlled lawn mower was built for a show at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, MN.


Pneumatics are an element of many of our effect designs. The fan in Ages of the Moon is dropped from the ceiling via a pair of air-actuated pistons. The blood effects in Bengal Tiger are comprised of a set of micro-pneumatic systems in conjunction with remote control. We've also designed pneumatic powder firing weapons for Les Misérables.

This target effect was designed for the World Premiere production of Marie Antionette at the American Repertory Theater and Yale Rep. It uses a combination of mechanical effects and remote controlled pneumatic pistons to achieve the illusion that the target is being pierced by crossbow bolts.