Hello folks!

A few years ago hatched the idea of creating a Fringe Festival show about gun control, thru the lens of theatrical guny safety training. I had this crazy idea that anyone who wants to own a weapon should get at least as much training in safety and proficiency that we in the theater industry give to actors in the use of blank-firing weapons. I’d also talk about the history of gun control in the US, the Second Amendment, common sense gun safety legislation, and how events have gotten us to the point where we’re bitterly divided over the issue of guns in our country. You know, light fluffy family fare.

Two years ago I entered the lottery, to no avail. This year the Fringe sent out an email reminder of the closing application window the same day as the shooting at Parkland. I once again watched in horror as another tragic school shooting unfolded. I watched Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, and their cohort react with anger, poise, and focus in the face of tragedy. I immediately realized that it was time to try this again. This time I won a spot, and lo and behold here I am a few weeks away from producing my first show:

Gunfighting: An American Story

It‘s about gun culture in the United States from the perspective of a small town kid from Nebraska farm country who became a theatrical gunfighting educator and trainer in New York City.

It’s about finding the common ground shared between responsible gun owners and those who want nothing to do with guns. 

It’s about embracing common sense solutions that most of us can agree on to try to stem the tide of gun violence in our country.

It’s about how guns have affected me and my family.

It‘s about finding ways to get us to stop fighting about guns.

So come see my show in the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival! Hopefully by August I’ll have figured out what the hell I’m doing and quelled the creeping terror I feel at the idea of performing on stage for the first time in XX years! I can’t even see my comfort zone from here, so it should be an interesting ride for us all.

Sean McArdle

Venue: Mixed Blood!
Show Schedule:
8/2 @ 8:30pm
8/5 @ 10pm
8/9 @ 7pm
8/11 @ 1pm
8/12 @ 5:30pm